created and rolled out by David Chaum


David Chaum Publishes “Blind Signatures for Untraceable Payments”

Blind Signatures for Untraceable Payments
David Chaum - 1982


Original technical team, from left to right:
Marius, Paul, Branko, Kai, and Mercal.

World’s First Digital Cash Payment

World’s first electronic cash payment over computer networks
DigiCash - 05/27/1994

DigiCash CyberBucks Trial begins

Deutsche Bank

Attention Internet Shoppers - E-Cash Is Here
The New York Times - 10/19/1994

E-Money (That’s What I Want)
WIRED - 12/01/1994

Some of the merchants that accepted the CyberBucks currency created by DigiCash using it's eCash technology


DigiCash Expands It’s Trial Worldwide

eCash Trial is Now Worldwide
DigiCash - 01/06/1995

DigiCash Develops Chip Technology for “Smart Cards”

DigiCash announces cost breakthrough in secure chip technology for smart cards
DigiCash - 02/14/1995

NYU Stern School of Business Publishes Paper Detailing Digital Cash

Digital Cash & Monetary Freedom
NYU Stern - April 1995

Export Approved for Cryptocurrency Sortware in the U.S.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY; Export Approved for Software To Aid Commerce on Internet
The New York Times - 05/08/1995

DigiCash Partners with Mark Twain Bank of St. Louis Missouri


First Bank to Launch Electronic Cash
DigiCash - 10/23/1995

The New York Times - 10/23/1995

Today, Shoppers on Internet Get Access to Electronic Cash
The New York Times - 10/23/1995

Later photo of the DigiCash team.


DigiCash Partners With EUNet For Online Payments In Finland


First European Electronic Cash System Opens for Business on the Internet
DigiCash - 03/13/1996

DigiCash Opens Office in Australia

DigiCash Opens for Business in Australia
DigiCash - 03/26/1996

DigiCash Partners With Mars Electronics International to Provide “Smart Card” Technology

Mars Electronics International

Mars Electronics International signs worldwide deal with DigiCash
DigiCash - 03/26/1996

DigiCash Partners with Deutsche Bank to Test eCash in Germany

Deutsche Bank

DigiCash’s eCash™ to be Issued by Deutsche Bank
DigiCash - 03/26/1996

Shopping with Secure Payments on the Internet - Deutsche Bank Starts eCash Pilot with 1500 Clients
DigiCash - 08/04/1997

Regulators Turn Spotlight on Cybermoney

Regulators Turn Spotlight on Cybermoney
New York Times - 09/19/1996

DigiCash Partners with Advance Bank to Issue eCash in Australia

Advance Bank

Advance Bank First to Provide DigiCash’s ecash™ System in Australia
DigiCash - 10/24/1996


Nomura Research Institute licenses eCash for use in Japan

Nomura Research Institute

Nomura Research Institute licenses eCash™ technology for Japan’s first true electronic money system
DigiCash - 04/02/1997

Nomura Research Institute and DigiCash™ form alliance in Japan
DigiCash - 12/11/1997

Bank Austria and Den norske Bank issues eCash

Den Norske Bank Bank Austria

Bank Austria and Den norske Bank to issue eCash™ the electronic cash for the Internet
DigiCash - 04/14/1997

DigiCash appoints a CEO, gains more investment, and moves to California

DigiCash Appoints CEO, Increases Outside Investment, and Moves Headquarters To California
DigiCash - 04/28/1997

Digicash Puts ’Professional’ At the Helm
American Banker - 04/28/1997

Digicash Sends Signal by Hiring Visa Veteran
American Banker - 05/06/1997

Digicash Eager to Reap Latent eCash Harvest
American Banker - 12/11/1997

DigiCash claims “merging” privacy and online payments is neccessary for eCommerce to work

Future of Web Success Relies on Converging Micro-Payment Model with Privacy Technology
DigiCash - September 1997


Former Wells Fargo Exec Joins Digicash Board

Former Wells Exec Joins Digicash Board
American Banker - 06/04/1998

Credit Suisse of Zurich licenses DigiCash technology

Credit Suisses

Credit Suisse, Digicash in E-Commerce Test
American Banker - 06/16/1998